Tim Paull, AScT

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Tim Paull, AScT

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Bioscience Technology
  • Current Employer: Oil & Gas Commission
  • Position: Natural Resource Officer
  • Post Secondary: BCIT
  • High School: North Peace Secondary - Fort St. John

Career Experience

After graduating from BCIT, I worked for a large Vancouver based Environmental Consulting firm in the mining industry. I chose to return to Fort St. John, and went on to land various contract work & jobs with government & industry on major projects in the mining, forestry, highway construction & upstream oil & gas sectors. That work provided me with valuable technical skills & experience and an ability to help find the best fit solutions clients & employers required.
I have also had the opportunity to be self employed & operate my own small company, gaining valuable knowledge on running your own business.
I am currently employed by the BC Oil & Gas Commission as Natural Resource Officer, where I have spent the last 9 years in the Project Assessment & Permitting - Authorizations Branch. Understanding the current regulatory requirements & guidelines associated with the upstream oil and gas sector, particularly around the more sensitive environmental concerns & mitigation at an operational level, is key to doing my job well.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • After 14 years working in the Natural Resources and construction sector, I attended BCIT because I had developed an interest in environmental work and saw a need & future for jobs in that field at the operational level. I also saw work in that field as an opportunity to help make a difference & bring about positive change to the ways I had seen how some things were done in the past.

Career Highlights

  • (1977 – 1992) Oilpatch Work (Pipelines & Trucking). Land Surveying (Chainman, Survey Assistant).
  • (1990 – 1992) BCIT. Graduated with honors as an Environmental Technologist from the FWR Program.
  • (1992-2003) Technologist, Habitat Officer, Sr.Fisheries Technician, Env. Inspector, Consultant.
  • (1995) - Registration for membership as AScT accepted by ASTTBC.
  • (2003 – Present) BC Oil and Gas Commission – Natural Resource Officer

Professional & Community Activities

  • Registration with ASTTBC (AScT) since 1995
    BC Field Ornithologists – Membership
    Regularly attend Church and related activities in my Community