Rachel Butler, AScT

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Rachel Butler, AScT

Environmental Management Technologist

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Gas & Petroleum Engineering
  • Current Employer: BC Oil and Gas Commission

Career Experience

After graduating with a Petroleum Engineering Technology diploma from NAIT, I began working in the oil & gas fields of Alberta & northern British Columbia. I mostly worked in the field of cased hole well completions. This was an excitting time, travelling to remote locations, acquiring data from wells and completing the necessary work to bring wells online. I was fortunate to join the B.C Oil & Gas Commission in 2006, conducting regulatory oversight of B.C's oil and gas industry. My roles within the Commission have been in the engineering discipline, focusing on well completions and drilling, production facilities and most recently the resultant emissions from these upstream activities. The Commission is truly a great regulatory body, regulating for the benefit of all British Columbians. This is achieved by protecting public safety, respecting those affected by oil and gas activites, by conserving the environment and supporting sustainable natural resource development. At the Commission we are proud to serve with a passion for excellence.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • Born and raised in Alberta I noticed the natural resource boom which blessed Alberta for so long. I wished to apply my work ethic to this excitting industry, to learn this industry's technology and to be part of this industry's innovative changes.