Noel Mankey, AScT

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Noel Mankey, AScT

Vice President Operations

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Civil Engineering
  • Current Employer: Mainroad Group

Career Experience

Starting in 1980 framing houses gave me a taste of what it takes to build things. It was the recession that hit in 1982, sending interest rates to 19% and virtually shut down the home building industry that drove to to enroll in the Civil and Structural division at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. Graduating in 1984, there were still no jobs to be had, but I was fortunate to do a short stint with RF Binnie before joining the Ministry of Transportation & Highways in the run up to the Expo 88 infrastructure builds. I was involved in several areas with Highways, including design & survey, development applications, maintenance coordinator, and finishing as an Area Manager until departing to join Mainroad Contracting in 1998, as project manager. With the growth of the company, I moved to General Manager, and to Vice President of Operations.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • I joined ASTTBC (SETBC) while still a student at BCIT in 1982. I recognised the benefits of joining a group of well trained individuals in persuing a cause. The engineers had their own charter, but there was no Legislative Act governing the immense amount of work that technologists perform. That changed in 1985 and professional recognition continues to advance.

Career Highlights

  • BC Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association Chair, 2013
  • Vice President of Operations with the Mainroad Group since 2006
  • Joined the Mainroad Group in 1998 as Project Manager
  • Thirteen year career with the Ministry of Transportation and Highways, starting a few years prior to the maintenance privatization initiative
  • My first job with RF Binnie and Associates after graduating BCIT, during a time when no jobs existed

Professional & Community Activities

  • BC Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association Board Member