Moira Berg, AScT

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Moira Berg, AScT

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Civil Engineering
  • Position: BCHYDRO, Materials expeditor
  • Post Secondary: BCIT, Civil and Structural Engineering diploma
  • High School: Argyle Secondary in North Vancouver

Career Experience

During school I got a summer job in the trafiic department in Coquitlam. What a hoot.

Following graduation I worked Crippen Engineering. I worked in Drafting, quantitiy and cost estiamting and using calulus to study water flows.

I then went Klohn Leonoff and worked on highway design, in the lab and on a gravel crusher.

Since 1991 I have worked at BCHydro. Drilling investigation and managing the consruciton of substations and transmission lines.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • I decided when I was that "I want to work in Construction" and off I went from there. I wanted to get on a contstruction site and contribute what I could. It was the 80's so I knew I had to get an education to get on site.

Career Highlights

  • becoming a contrcution officer
  • managing safety and electrical hazards on sites
  • Improving my skills in construction contract management

Professional & Community Activities

  • Curently I am working supporting my kids in the activities they have chosen.

    I the past I ahve worked as a sports training for the Burnaby Akers senior lacrosse team. I was an officer and instructor in St John Amblance for many years.