Graham Huckin, AScT

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Graham Huckin, AScT

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Building Engineering
  • Position: Instructor in steel construction drafting
  • Post Secondary: Southampton College of Technology, UK
  • High School: City of Norwich School, Sutton Grammar School

Career Experience

After 13 years working on projects in England, Northern Ireland, Middle East and North Africa, I was recruited by Canron, who brought me to Canada in 1982. In 1998, with 29 years’ experience in steel construction, I took a post as drafting instructor at Vancouver Community College, where I am passing on some of that experience to a new generation, and assisting them towards a career in an exciting era of new technology.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • Early attempts at art and playing a musical instrument tipped me off that the sciences were more likely to be my forté. In my youth, periodicals like Look and Learn piqued my interest, with their “how it works” articles and cutaway diagrams of everything from a bicycle pump to a jet engine. My father was an engineering professional who helped me develop an interest in the construction field by taking me to see some of the projects he had been involved with. Battersea Power Station in London was one I remember well.

Career Highlights

  • Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre and Cruise Ship Terminal,
  • Alex Fraser Bridge
  • Textile Complex, Bani Walid, Libya
  • Housing for the W.M. Keck 10 metre telescope (world's largest astronomical telescope),Mauna Kea

Professional & Community Activities

  • Chairman of BC Colleges Drafting Articulation Committee
    Member of ASTTBC Board of Examiners
    Former Assistant District Commissioner, Scouts Canada
    Founding board member, Responsible Dog Owners of Coquitlam