Geoffrey Sale, AScT

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Geoffrey Sale, AScT

Manager, Internationally Educated Professionals Program

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Electronics Engineering
  • Current Employer: ASTTBC
  • Position: Past Chair, Canadian Technology Accreditation Board and Mgr, ASTTBC's IEP Prog.
  • Post Secondary: CMR de St. Jean, PQ, (Elec. Eng), BCIT (Dipl, of Technology)
  • High School: Burnaby Central High

Career Experience

While I (sort of) retired in 2000, my career was focused on Quality Assurance and high-tech manufacturing in the telecommunications industry. I worked at a factory in Burnaby BC, where I saw the technology evolve from 2-channel multiplex vacuum tube systems to OC-12 fibre optic systems over about 34 years at the same location.
I still teach Quality Assurance management and industrial statistics at BCIT, and am very active with ASTTBC and CTAB.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • Technology has been a centrepiece of my life for as long as I can remember. My childhood best buddy and I built several tube radio receivers from scratch, an astronomical telescope (with dome!), and even a seaworthy dinghy before our 14th birthdays!

Career Highlights

  • Quality Control inspector for a high-tech production facility (1970's)
  • Quality Assurance Manager, introduced ISO 9000 (1980's)
  • Production Manager, responsible for thick film manufacturing (1980's. 1990's)
  • Production Test Manager, staff of 40 test & calibration technicians (1990's)
  • BCIT Part Time instructor: QC Stats, QA Management and Reliability Eng. corses (1990's, 2000's)

Professional & Community Activities

  • Long-time member of ASTTBC, Past President (1989 - 1991)
    Chair of Boards of Examiners & Accreditation
    Represented ASTTBC at CCTT and CTAB
    SIIS volunteer, providing astronomy talks to Grades 1 - 6.