Frank Kardux, CTech

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Frank Kardux, CTech

Chief Estimator

  • Classification: Certified Technician
  • Discipline: Building Engineering
  • Current Employer: IOTA Construction Ltd
  • Position: Senior Building Designer
  • Post Secondary: UCFV and BCIT, CHBA
  • High School: Timothy Christian School

Career Experience

In my teen years I gained a couple of summers of hands on experience in the construction industry, followed by 5 years at a local building designer’s office with a position as senior draftsperson. I then moved on to various mid-management opportunities in a very reputable architectural firm for 3 years. For the last year or two, I have been designing and gaining tremendous business and other experiences in my own home-office with several other fine designers.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • I wanted to establish my place in the whole construction industry as a professional. The concept of being registered as a professional was brought to light in college and later by my first employers. With the present ownership of a building design business, it is another way to appeal to clients who are looking for the necessary qualifications prior to selecting a firm.

Career Highlights

  • Construction Labourer (Vanhoepen Construction)
  • Draftsperson and junior designer etc. (Plantech Design and Drafting Inc.)
  • Mid-level management, senior draftsperson etc. (Focus Architecture Inc.)
  • Owner, Senior Designer, I get to do it all now!! (Vantage Drafting & Design)

Professional & Community Activities

  • Registered as a Certified Building Technician with ASTTBC since 2000
    Registered as a Building Designer with the Architectural Institute of BC