Brian Johnson, AScT

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Brian Johnson, AScT

  • Classification: Applied Science Technologist
  • Discipline: Mechanical Engineering
  • Position: Training Manager
  • Post Secondary: Connestoga College, Fanshawe college
  • High School: Stainsby Secondary, England

Career Experience

My career started with ICI in England moved to Leyland Vehicles and from there moved to Canada. Worked for 4 years in Ontario and joined SKF Canada Limited and have been with them for 23 years, doing Application and Service work as well as training.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • I was always interested in math and mechanical work, so it seemed a natural fit for me to head towards Mechanical Technology.

Career Highlights

  • Apprentice Mechanical Fitter
  • SKF international advisory group for training
  • Training Manager for SKF

Professional & Community Activities

  • Member of ASCTTBC
    Member of ASET
    Auxiliary RCMP officer