Artur Moeller, CTech

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Artur Moeller, CTech

Nursery Assessment Technician

  • Classification: Certified Technician
  • Discipline: Bioscience Technology
  • Current Employer: Min of Forests
  • Position: Forest Seedling Assessment Technician
  • Post Secondary: Diploma in Forstry, Diploma in Horticulture
  • High School: Harrow District High Schoo.

Career Experience

Gaining horitcultural knowledge through a private greenhouse flower grower.
Worked for the Ministry of Natural Resources in a provincial Nursery. Then moved on to the District Office working in an array of field activities such as Harvesting, silviculture, Fish & wildlife and Forest Fire work.
In BC with development and research in the Forest Nursery Industry.
Seedling Assessment Technician for MoFR, assessing and testing Forest seedlings that are contracted for the government.

Why I Became A Technology Professional

  • I enjoy the hands on experience. Doing work on the ground level or on the fly. Knowing that success is acheivable only when attempted.

Career Highlights

  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Nursery Technician
  • Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources - Technician
  • Ministry of Forests - Silvicultural Technician
  • Ministry of Forests - Extension Nursery Technician
  • Ministry of Forests and Range - BCTS - Seedling Assessment Technician

Professional & Community Activities

  • On 2008 executive of Forest Nursery Association of British Columbia
    Big Brother of Big Brothers Association for 10 years.
    Toastmaster - CTM, CL